In September 2019, I got my first remote job.

After realising the benefits of flexible hours and working remotely, I decided that it was a path that I wanted to explore in more depth and find more opportunities in. During the past ten months, I’ve had three remote jobs while studying my Masters degree. The first job was a contract role and only lasted for four months. I currently have two part-time remote jobs that allow me to not only balance work with studies, but also to be able to work while I’m in a whole different country for the summer period!

Working on my laptop at home
Working at home

So in this blog, I will be sharing with you some of the benefits of working remotely while being a university student, based on what I’ve experienced so far.

Increased flexibility and autonomy!

Working remotely means that you can work whenever and wherever you choose to! This could be anytime, and anywhere in the world (hence, I was able to travel back to Cyprus, although my jobs are based in the UK). Typically, remote roles involve multiple tasks and deadlines, and as long as you can meet your deadlines and complete your tasks successfully, no one would care whether you do the work at home, at a cafe, during the day or at night.

I was able to travel back home to Cyprus and still keep my jobs.

Better work-uni-social life balance

For me, remote work gives me more freedom. I can balance work, university, and my social life more easily. Not having a fixed work schedule like a 9-5, allows me to move things around and plan each day a bit differently to work alongside my university tasks and social life activities! So I can basically earn money, gain work experience, complete my degree, as well as ‘enjoy life’ at the same time.

By the sea in Cyprus

It helps with your well-being!

We all go through some days when we would rather be alone, or aren’t feeling great to go out, and with remote work I found that I don’t have to worry about those days anymore, and I don’t have to worry about ‘skipping work’. That’s because I can just choose to work from home when I’m not feeling very well, treat myself with some tea and dessert, and get better for the next day!

Working from home when you’re not feeling 100% is a great option to have

Getting more productive!

This might not always be the case, or it might not be true for everyone, but personally, I am much more productive when I get to choose when and where to work. That is because being in a comfortable and cosy environment is really important for me. Once I feel like I’m in a great space and mindset to work, I get much more work done and of greater quality!

Relaxing working environment – by the sea!

No need to commute to work

Lastly, this has to be my favourite benefit of remote work especially when I’m in England where commuting to work usually takes longer than in Cyprus. England is such a big country, and sometimes people have to make long journeys to get to work. For some, it’s essential, but there are many jobs that could be done remotely that would not only save people’s money and time but also saves the company time! In fact, the Covid-19 outbreak has and will have a huge impact on business models, and more and more companies are now starting to offer the opportunity of remote work.

Working in the garden

So these are some of the main reasons why I enjoy working remotely.
If this sounds like something you would like to peruse while studying at the University of Birmingham, check out Worklink for possible future opportunities.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Eleniuob

Good vibes only!
Eleni x x x