Dear Vida, I hope you are doing great. I would like to know how the assessments are being done for the MSc Intl. Development. Are there any exams or just assignments and the final dissertation? And is the study very difficult?

Hello Vida, English is my second language and I am British citizen. Could you please let me know what the English language requirement for this MSc is?

Hi Vida :) I am considering studying the Masters in Environment, Development and Politics. I am interested in the political aspect but worry that there will be a scientific aspect and maybe some quantitative analysis during the Masters, two things that lie outside my competence. Maybe you can enlighten me on this? How much if any does the more scientific and statistic field occupy on the Masters? Thank you in advance.

Dear Vida, I am applying to the MSc Conflict, Statebuilding and Development. Is it possible to get information about modules of the programme, like preliminary readings of the courses, so that I would be more prepared for the future courses?