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Past Questions

  1. Hi Vittorio! I am a Mechanical Engineer serving Bangladesh Railway for 10 years. I did my MSc in 'Railway Engineering with Project Management' from the University of Leeds last year. Now I am seeking a PhD opportunity, specifically in Railway engineering/operations/management. I have heard that the Railway Research Centre at the University of Birmingham belongs to the department of Electronic, Electrical & System Engineering. Could you please spare a little time to help instruct me on how I can get a offer for a PhD on a railway research project from the University of Birmingham?

    Dear perspective student, it is a bit hard for me to provide you with help on getting a PhD offer. What I would suggest is to get in touch with the professor and discussing a specific topic or simply ask whether he can involve you in an activity/project he is currently working on.

    I wish you best of luck! Vittorio

  2. Will I be given CEng degree accreditation after completion of the MSc in Power Systems Engineering with Advanced Research?

    Dear student,

    I would suggest to check this information with the school secretary in order to avoid disappointment.

    Kind regards, Vittorio

  3. I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student in my 3rd year of study. I have an interest in computer engineering, particularly the hardware side of it. My questions are:

    1. Does this course have a heavy focus on programming?

    2. Does this course cover any hardware related topics?

    3. Would someone from my current field of study be able to do this course?

    4. How intensive is the learning?

    5. What type of things do people do for the individual project?

    6. What's the main method of assessment?

    7. Are there any labs or practical's?

    8. Is this fully accredited by the IET for meeting the educational requirements?

    Hello, thank you for the inquiry. I would recommend you directly contact the professor of the course you are interested in as he/she will better answer your questions.

    Thank you. Kind regards, Vittorio

  4. I am non EU national married to an EU national and I have been living and working in Malta for last three years, and I would like to apply for a part-time PhD in Electrical Engineering.

    As I am living in Malta, do I need to live in the UK and attend campus frequently or is it possible to live in Malta and come to campus from time to time?

    Can you please provide me with some more details about the visa and fees as well?

    Thank you for the enquiry. Regarding your question I would encourage you to check the following pages

    Regarding your visa requirements it is better to check with on the Government website if you need a visa

    I hope this will help. Kind regards, Vittorio

  5. I just got an offer for Power Systems with Advanced Research which is two years. I just wanted to know, can I graduate normally at the end of the first year if I do not want to enter the second year?

    Hello and thank you for the question and for your interest in the school.

    In principle if your course is 2 years you need to complete them both in order to graduate. In some cases you can discuss with your supervisor the option to be moved to a different course that is shorter. However I would recommend to check if this particular case applies to your course with your professor. Cordially, Vittorio

  6. I'm pursuing my bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications and this is my final year. I'm interested in applying for the Electronic and Computer engineering (Masters) is there any scope for opportunities, if I do my Masters in Electronics and Computer Engineering?

    Thank you for your question. You can find the information about Masters degrees at the following link However, concerning to your question I would recommend to check the requisites at this link

    If you have any further question it is possible to contact the Postgraduate Admission Administrator at the following Tel: (+44) (0)121 414 5089 Email:

    I hope this helps.

    Sincerely, Vittorio

  7. How has your degree prepared you for what you want to do afterwards?

    The University itself is a friendly environment where it is very common to have the chance to interact with several people from different departments and investigation interests. The ability to combine strong theoretical knowledge and the awareness of the impact of the technology developed constitutes a solid preparation for the following move into the job market. This experience radically changed my idea of applied research and is giving me a powerful tool to be exploited in my following career.

  8. Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

    The investigation that I'm conducting for my PhD at the University of Birmingham is related to compact multi-function devices at microwave frequencies. The University and my professor have close collaborations with the European Space Agency and my research topic has one of its applications in the space industry. This has been a major point for me to choose this University. In particular, I have to underline the flexibility and independence that is granted to the students to identify the directions they want to take for the study.

  9. How do you think a higher degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering will enhance your career in the Telecommunication industry?

    Modern telecommunications system relies on several subsystems like antennas, amplifiers, filters, general passive components etc. The higher degree in Electrical, Electronic and computer Engineering gives the fundamental knowledge to operate and work in complex environments like the ones requested in the telecommunication industry.

  10. What topics do you cover within the Advanced Digital Design and Embedded Systems module? Is the hardware discussed in these modules interfaced with the computer aspects?

    Thank you for the enquiry. Regarding your question I would advise you contact the professor of this course as the subject was not part of my PhD study. If you think you want to start a post-doctoral course on this topic it is a good idea to contact the teaching assistants or, eventually, some of the alumni who had their investigations on this.

    Sincerely, Vittorio