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Past Questions

  1. What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

    I knew that I wanted to go into research or teaching at the university level, so the next step after undergraduate was to continue on and specialize within Social Psychology in order to do this.

  2. What, for you, are the best things about the course?

    I enjoy the self-guided aspect of being a PhD student, where I am in charge of my own schedule and have to make sure I complete everything I need to in time. PhD study is very self-guided, with advice and guidance from supervisors of course, but at the end of the day you are in charge of your research and will know it better than anyone else. There is a lot of pressure this way, but you also have the opportunity to talk with others in your field, share research, and have a community of like-minded people to get involved in.

  3. What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

    If you think you want to go into research within Psychology, have a think about what it is you find interesting: do you enjoy learning about cognition and how the mind works, neurology, more behavioural patterns, social norms, etc.? If you have the opportunity during undergraduate studies, find others you can talk with and get some experience in all different fields of study. You may be surprised at what you find interesting.