Hey! Would you be able to provide a reading list for some of the modules you took?

Hey, does the course come along with huge academic pressure? I am way too anxious, since I have mental health issues. Also, I am confused whether to choose between this or Political Psychology of IR? Please help me out!

I wanted to know what the career prospects looked like, within and outside of UK, after the completion of the program?

Hello. I am interested in counterterrorism, but I am not sure what my PhD and employment options are if I go for a postgraduate course at the University of Birmingham. I noticed MSc Political Psychology of International Relations, MSc Global Cooperation and Security and MA/PGDip International Security and Terrorism at the University of Birmingham. What are the biggest practical differences between them, in regards to the study focus, further education/qualification (PhD or else) and employability? Is Trust, Diplomacy and Conflict Transformation module worth picking MSc Global Cooperation and Security over some other PG course? What are the limitations to each of these courses? What are the research areas of these respective courses in regards to the dissertations students undertake? In your personal experience, what modules contained coursework that you found easily understandable or enjoyable? Which modules you wished you had based on their coursework, and which you wished you could have skipped because their coursework doesn't interest you or is irrelevant to your future job? How much room each of these courses leaves for a part-time job? How much practical research data collection did you have to conduct for the dissertation and how did you do it? Is there a dissertation supervisor you would recommend from your filed or interest? Do you think there are more competitive universities in the UK when it comes to PG courses in this filed? When it comes to the MA/PGDip International Security and Terrorism, how does whole MA/PHGip part work? Do you pick one of the levels of qualification or do you get allocated both or does it depend on your choice of optional modules? Do you have to pick exactly 4 optional modules for each of these 3 PG courses or are there other possibilities? Who else from the current student and lecturers should I be asking these questions? How could I get in touch with an admissions officer or a course leader or even head of the department who could answer all of these questions and make a clear comparison between these 3 courses, and also between the University of Birmingham and other UK universities when it comes to this academic filed? Thank you.