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Past Questions

  1. What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

    Throughout my teen years, the stereotypical path of earning money never resonated with me. I have the questions “Why” and “How” stuck in my head which I feel are my driving force for research. I feel that by discovering the answers to the questions stuck in my head I can be of service to the humanity and achieve a sense of self-satisfaction. I feel this ability to question everything inclined me towards research, and led me to pursue higher education. The reason for choosing Molecular Biotechnology as my field of study is the shear interest and fascination that I had with Biology throughout my school. This interest kept on developing and as I learned about new avenues of biology my research interest started blooming towards biotechnology and computational biology. I feel the field of biotechnology has the ability to help in the betterment in the human society, which perfectly aligns with my principles towards life.

  2. What, for you, are the best things about the course?

    Personally, some of the most fascinating things about my course are: -Ability to learn molecular biotechnology research techniques from actual researchers working in the School of Biosciences. -Assessments are more inclined towards creating your own content, i.e. Critical analysis of paper, essays, etc. -Opportunity to design a research grant/business proposal (with an underlying opportunity to be sponsored by the university in getting a patent, given that the idea is utterly unique, beneficial and practically possible) -Meeting with a personal academic tutor every week and discussing about research, development of academic and industrial skills. Moreover, talking about personal academic goals and seeking guidance on how to achieve them. -Dedicated Master's Hour every week wherein we are taught about essential academic skills for being successful in our studies. -Learning from researchers all over the School of Biosciences helps in networking with various scientists which is very beneficial to remain updated with new research and PhD opportunities in the school. -Dedicated timeslots for a minimum of three seminars per week. Different Pioneers in various field of Microbiology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics are invited to UoB to deliver a talk about their research. This helps us in increasing our research knowledge base by learning about various advancements in the field of molecular life sciences.

  3. What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

    I feel that Biosciences is a blooming avenue and pursuing postgraduate study in this field has never been so exciting before. With the whole world moving towards sustainability, I feel the sector of biosciences will play a major role in fulfilment of this goal. A postgraduate degree in Biosciences can equip you with an overall knowledge of the life sciences as well as impart you with a load of transferable skills which will be very helpful for your career. I feel a PG degree opens up various career avenues for a learner, wherein she/he can choose to continue higher education and go for a second Masters/Mphil/MSc by research and/or pursue a PhD, work in an academic environment or work in various sectors of biologically driven industries. My advice would be that while pursuing a PG in Biosciences related courses, the learner is expected to do a good amount of self-reading, which includes reading research papers, review articles and background readings. Moreover, a flipped classroom approach is mostly preferred in PG study wherein the lecture material is made available to the students before the lectures and they are expected to read it before the class. This helps in increasing discussions on case studies and question answers during the lectures and helps students retain more. Therefore, if you are planning to study a PG in Biosciences then you will spend majority of your time self-learning which I feel makes us a good researchers by improving our critical thinking skills.