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Past Questions

  1. Have you joined any clubs or societies, gone on any research trips or done any volunteering?

    I currently hold a part-time job as a Receptionist at the Guild of Students and am also involved with the society Intervol, an international volunteering society which recruits students to volunteer in various destinations across the globe. Having previously been selected for one of their programmes, I am training new volunteers to undertake their own programmes this summer. I also volunteer at two local museums in Birmingham; at The Coffin Works I am currently working with their collections and at The Pen Museum I have taken on the role of the Communications and Marketing volunteer, aiding the museum to rebrand themselves.

  2. What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

    My undergraduate degree studying Ancient History at the University of Birmingham was both intellectually stimulating and inspiring which is what motivated me to pursue it further in the form of a Master's. During my time as an undergraduate I studied various ancient civilisations and became keenly aware of the links between them, which is one of the reasons I find Ancient History so fascinating. I wanted the opportunity to explore this further and was attracted by the broadness that the Classics and Ancient History pathway offered. I was able to specifically focus on the areas of Ancient History I had enjoyed the most and broaden my knowledge of these areas.

  3. Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

    The two main reasons I chose to continue my study here was partly due to the department and partly due to how much I enjoyed my undergraduate experiences. I enjoyed the academic and social aspect of studying at the University of Birmingham and felt very supported in my choices for further study by my personal tutor. Furthermore, the academics in the department reflected my research interests, the area of Roman epigraphy, which I wished to undertake for my dissertation thesis.

  4. How will your degree prepare you for what you want to do afterwards?

    My undergraduate degree in Ancient History encouraged me to pursue a career in the Museums and Heritage sector. I felt that a Masters degree combined with relevant work experience which I am currently undertaking would provide me with the opportunity to develop key skills to aid a future career in this field. It is due to the relevant experience I have obtained academically and within the sector that led me to acquire an internship at the British Museum. The internship introduced me to the inner workings of a vibrant organization and how teams work together to research and produce exhibitions.

  5. What, for you, are the best things about the course?

    One particular aspect of the course that has been truly beneficial are the flexible contact hours. This has allowed me to undertake a part time job to help fund my studies and also volunteer in local museums in order to gain more experience about the sector I wish to have a future career in. Furthermore, I have also enjoyed the way the course operates, which is mainly seminar-based. This allows you to debate on matters and engage with your peers and tutors more efficiently to allow for creative discussion and fun and interactive sessions.