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  1. Hey, I am a Physiotherapy student studying in University of Sharjah in UAE (I am a senior now) and would like to continue the Masters programme at the University of Birmingham. I noticed there is more than one field I can enter in the university, 2 were a diploma and one was a Masters, does it differ if I took the Masters programme or one of the diplomas? How could I know the terms of registration and papers I have to submit/ get from my university? Also, shall I continue 6 month training after I graduate to get a place on the Masters programme? and when I am done from my Masters/ diploma, will I be able to work in Birmingham? Plus, are there are any specific electives I have to do here before graduating like physiology or nutrition?

    Hi there, thanks for the question.

    I would say you are best to look at all the information for both types of courses on the university and school (School of Sport, Exercise and Rehab. Sciences) websites. I would also recommend getting in contact with the university admissions team with regards to specific registration and elective questions.



  2. Hello. I'm a third year student of Bachelor of Physiotherapy in India, which is basically a four year course. I would like to pursue my Masters in Physiotherapy in Neuroscience in the UK. The courses offered for Masters in India are sports, cardiothoracic physiotherapy, neuroscience physiotherapy and paediatric physiotherapy. As I have no idea about the courses/streams offered for Masters in the UK or how to apply for that course, I was hoping you could help me with the topic? Thank you.

    Hi there, sorry for the delayed response.

    I would look at the School website for all information regarding postgraduate courses ( This should be a good starting point as you will be able to see the course details, modules offered and prerequisites. You could also have a look at the staff page and contact some of our physiotherapy lecturers for more specific information.