Hello, I am a postgraduate student in Human Resource Management in Iran. I am interested in research issues and writing practical articles on World Day. Do you know anyone who can help me with this? I am also very interested in getting a doctoral scholarship.

I would recommend you to browse the latest research carried out by the HRM professors of the UoB that you can find in the following website:
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Hi Milda! Thank you so much for your previous response! as I have mentioned in my previous question, I have an interest in the CIPD pathway of the MSc Human resource management course, while I hold an offer for the MSc Human resource management without the CIPD pathway. You have already informed me that it is only one module different from the other. I have a few more questions regarding this. How do I inform the PG admissions about my interest? if I do enrol for the module will I also get the CIPD membership and accreditation along with this? can I enroll for the CIPD pathway after I accept my offer? Please help me with these questions and thank you so much for taking the time.

Hello! I have applied to the MSc Human Resource Management and received an offer but now I wish to apply to the Human Resource course with the CIPD accreditation. Am I allowed to apply to two human resource courses?

Hey there! First of all, congratulations on being admitted to the program! The difference between MSc in HRM and MSc in HRM with a CIPD pathway is just one extra module, to which you could enroll and pay the difference between the two programs. You should contact the Business School admissions staff and express your wish to add the CIPD course to your program.
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Hey Milda, Thanks for your previous reply! I have a few more questions: - What is the scope of receiving a scholarship or research assistantship to fund one’s education? - What is the average salary range of graduates after completion of this program? - Is Birmingham a good city to live in, in terms of social life and proximity to nice touristy locations or getaways? Look forward to hearing from you! :)

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– Before starting my MSc in 2015 I went to a funding fair organised by UoB to get to know whether I had any possibilities to get some kind of scholarship. Unfortunately, I was told that because I didn’t do my undergraduate studies in the UK I was not eligible for any of them. As for research assistantship, these are usually for PhD students, as MSc students do not do any research. However, everything I am telling you now is based on my experience back in 2015-16 so things might have changed since then. You could check the UoB guild of students website ( They publish all kind of information related to students’ life, such as job vacancies, volunteering, events, student groups, etc. I am sure they will be able to give you more specific information regarding funding possibilities.

– When it comes to the average salary range, to be honest with you, I moved to Chile to start my PhD right after finishing my MSc in UoB so I have not yet had the opportunity to practice HRM in England. Hence, my answer can only be based on the information I could find on the internet. The salary would depend on your experience in HRM and on the location. So for example, if you start as a HRM assistant, you could probably expect around £20.000 a year, while working as HRM officer/administrator you might earn between £25.000 and £30.000 a year. The salaries are obviously way higher in the London area.

– As for social life in Birmingham, due to the pandemic everything has been closed or very restricted for months now, like everywhere else. However, under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t get bored here! Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in England so it’s well connected with other places. For instance, you can get a train and be in London in just 1,5 hour! Or you also got small beautiful touristic towns nearby like Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s hometown), Warwick, or Lichfield. And as I mentioned before, you could also join some student groups (sports, music, games) which are supported by the guild of student. This would make your social life much more entertaining!

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