I am a graduate law student from Ghana. I want to apply for my Masters at the University of Birmingham and after embark on a journey to be called to the bar in the UK. I would like to know what are the courses to take in order to enter the bar in the UK?

What are the career options after pursuing LLM International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights? I am thinking of applying to this college but before that I need to know about the career prospects.

Hi there, I am from India. I am pursuing law and will be a law graduate in less than a year. I am planning to do a Masters and I want to do it at the University of Birmingham. I want to do International law as well Islamic law, what is your opinion on these modules/course? Also could you please let me know what is the process like when applying for these? Could you also please let me know or guide me in the direction of any way to reduce fees, either through obtaining a scholarship or something similar? Thank you.

Hello, I would like to know about the potential job opportunities in a UK law firm after completing the LLM course at the University of Birmingham, especially when someone had completed their bachelors in India. Is it mandatory that I need to take the LPC or any kind of exam if I want to be a corporate lawyer in any law firm in the UK?