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Past Questions

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages to studying at the University of Birmingham?

    Hello. The advantages include being exposed to multicultural environment, access to big databases that will be very useful in writing your assignments, big clean campus with easy access to the city centre, less crowded and friendly city. For me the disadvantages would be the program content filled with more theory, less practical work, alongside with very tight schedule and busy program. However, this is the main problem in master programs in the UK, which lasts for a year only.

    I hope this helps. Best, Gunay

  2. Hello, I am interested in applying to the MA in Education. Currently, I am working at an educational background too. My problem is with English. I'm a little worried about the language barrier, especially for writing my dissertation. If you don't mind, could you give me some advice? Thank you in advance.

    Regarding your question I can say that you will be asked to submit the certification that proves your sufficient level of English which means you scored the required points and are accepted to the program. Also, you will have to write mini essays, term papers, etc. during the course which will help you to master your writing skills that will prepare you for the big - the dissertation at the end of the course.

    Hope this helps. Good luck. Best, Gunay

  3. What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

    After finishing my undergraduate studies, I worked in the education centre for a year and the atmosphere created by foreign-educated alumni inspired me to continue my education abroad in this field.

  4. Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

    Before applying to universities, I researched the programmes that were suitable to me and the University of Birmingham offered a wide range of programmes in Education.

  5. What has been the highlight of your time at Birmingham?

    Being a student at Birmingham was a challenging experience for me. I am a student representative, working with the Guild of Students. This has been a great chance to be active in the life of the University.

  6. Do you have anything lined up for once you have completed your degree?

    I plan to join a graduate programme back in my country. Alongside this, I’m looking for opportunities in England.

  7. How has your degree prepared you for what you want to do afterwards?

    I learned a lot about personal and professional skills from different modules on the programme. Field trips have also played an important role in allowing me to experience the education system in England personally.

  8. Hi Gunay, how is life in Birmingham? I am from Hawassa University(Ethiopia) and I am an Instructor and Higher Education and Training expert in Research and Technology Transfer, community service directorate of Hawassa University. I have an MA degree in Educational Leadership and Management and I am searching for a PhD Scholarship in the area of Education. When I am searching for scholarships at the university of Birmingham, I found out that you are an advisor on the area of education on the advisors scheme of postgraduate students. Hence, I would like to ask you, how can I get a fully funded PhD scholarship opportunity at the University of Birmingham in the area of Educational Leadership, International studies in education, Educational research or any other related fields of study?

    Hi, thank you for your your question.

    My life in Birmingham has been amazing for the year I studied there. Now I am back my home country and working here.

    I can see that you have very good background in education in your country. Back to your question, I can say that basically PhD students usually get full scholarships from the government or any other scholarship programme that may fund them fully. Many university scholarships offer partial scholarships which cover only your tuition fees. However, you can combine two different scholarships. I know friends who got one scholarship to cover their tuition, while the other one was to cover their living. I have found a scholarship that you may check. In the case, you have more questions, do not hesitate asking me.


    Good luck and my best wishes, Gunay

  9. I want to do a PhD in Education. How difficult is it for a self-sponsored student to undertake PhD studies with the university?

    A PhD in Education is usually around 3 years for full time study. Both tuition fees and living costs will really depend on a country you come from. There are three fee categories for students that are from UK, EU and overseas (defined as international students). A normal living cost for a month is around £ 700-800 which I calculated with the maximum of everything including accommodation, transportation, food and some other expected costs. If you rent house close to university you may save from transportation point which is highly recommended.

    The university library has great opportunities for especially PhD students where you have entry permission to the special space dedicated to PhDs with student ID. This is a part of library which is quit zone with no disturbance.

    Hope this will help.

  10. I would like to apply for a course at Birmingham, but when I look at the fee, I get discouraged as I come from a poor background. Could you offer me any advice?


    If you may provide your country of origin, it could be a lot easier for me to advice on some funding.

    Cheers, Gunay

  11. The courses are expensive although a worthwhile investment. Are there any bursaries or subsidized funding available? Is it possible to pay in installments? Is it possible to find out in advance the days the course will be running in 2015 in order to arrange day release from the workplace?


    Thank you for your interest for study in the University of Birmingham.

    Here at UoB, we have several options for you to fund your studies and pay the fee in instalments.

    This link below is for you to enter your details to find country and programme specific scholarships.

    The second link will take you to the page where you can find ways of payment, including instalments.

    The dates of the course are programme specific and you should chase it from the program page and it varies.

    Hope you will find this information helpful.


  12. I failed two courses in the last term, and missed the submit time in this term. Would this affect me taking my final degree? Or could I apply for retaking these courses? Thank you.

    Hello there.

    I am not sure of the information I am giving, but I can tell you from experience in my year. When you fail in the first term, you can submit next term with the extended deadline. Also, when you fail both, you can still re-apply and take those courses. However, it is better to contact your programme administrator and get more detailed information as it may change in a course of year depending on your programme.

    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck, Gunay

  13. I am a School Principal wanting to research on differentiated instruction or English as a second language medium of instruction posing problem in acquisition of skills at School level, can you help?

    Hello there,

    If you want to do research you can do it in either postgraduate or doctoral level. I have found some links that may be helpful for your further search and identifying your research field.

    English language and Applied linguistics:

    PhD in Education:

    Here you can find other PhD opportunities:

    Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best, Gunay

  14. Hello, I am from Indonesia. I'd like to continue my study at the University of Birmingham. Is continuing and getting a letter of acceptance from UoB difficult? FYI, I am a Muslim. I'd like to know what is the life like for Muslims there? Thank you so much.

    Hi, thank you for your interest in the University of Birmingham.

    It is good that you have already decided about your further education. I would say that the difficulty level of the acceptance from the university will really depend on your background and programme you are applying for. I myself have also gone through this process and I think it was not that hard. You just need to meet the requirements and have the right documents to submit.

    Your concern about being a Muslim in a European country may be understandable at some point. However, I assure you that there is a lot of people from different cultures living in Birmingham and in my opinion, Birmingham is the most tolerant city in the UK in terms of immigrants. I am also from the Muslim community and have known many other people from Arabic countries who have lived in Birmingham.

    I believe that this will help you to make your choice and should you have any questions regarding academic and/or living issues, do not hesitate to contact me on the postgraduate portal.

    I wish you best of luck!

    Cheers, Gunay

  15. Hello, I graduated in Arabic Literature from the University of Indonesia. However, I have experience in teaching, about 4 years (part time and full time). I am really interested in education issues. My goal is to work in the Ministry of Education. Could you give me some advice, is the International Studies in Education suitable for me? Thank you.

    Hello, there are two pathways in MA International Studies in Education: 1) International Studies in Education and 2) Education and Development. If you want to continue your career in the Ministry of Education, I would recommend you to choose International Studies in Education, which offers modules focusing on education management and education policy (e.g. Personal and Professional Skills in Educational Management, Curriculum Design in Global Contexts, etc.).

    For more information:

    Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best, Gunay

  16. I want to pursue the MA in International Studies in Education at the University of Birmingham. I am from an engineering background and have little experience in education. Can I manage this course? Also please could you shed some light on the assessment strategies used in different modules?

    Hello there,

    MA International Studies in Education program offers courses with a couple of different pathways. Generally, each pathway (program) consists of 6 modules each concentrating on various aspects of education. Based on my personal experience, I would say that it is important to have work experience in the field of education, specially as a teacher or administrator. This will help you a lot in class assignments.

    Depending on the course structure and syllabus, you may have to submit short essays during the term and a final assignment at the end of the term. The grading scale is from 1 to 100. Some professors may also ask you to prepare PowerPoint presentations.

    Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best, Gunay

  17. I am an English Teacher and I applied for Chevening 2017-2018 and I am now a semi-finalist. My chosen course is International Studies in Education. In my statement of purpose, I was focused on empowering women education and to develop the education system in Uzbekistan. Am I eligible for this course?

    Hello there,

    There are two pathways in MA International Studies in Education: 1) International Studies in Education and 2) Education and Development. If you focused mostly on women education and development in your statement of purpose, I would recommend you to choose Education and Development pathway. This pathway offers modules in Development Management, Gender and Development, etc.

    For more information:

    Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best, Gunay

  18. Hi Gunay! I wish to continue my studies in the University of Birmingham this September (MA International Studies in Education). Could you advise me about the order I should take the subjects? Is there any strict order?

    Hello there,

    When I was studying, we had three subjects per semester, two of them being mandatory. You could only select one elective subject depending on your program and wish.

    I hope this helps.

    Best, Gunay

  19. Hi, I am from India and want to study MA International Studies in Education from the University of Birmingham. Could you please tell me the job prospects of this course?

    Hello there,

    the program prepares you to teach at schools/universities, work in education centres/governmental bodies as administers, policy analysts, etc. Your chance of getting a job does really depend on the demand in your country.

    I currently work as an international admission officer at the university.

    I hope this helps.

    Best, Gunay

  20. I am from Greece and I am interested in studying special education at a postgraduate level (for example ISEN, SPMLD, Autism-children). I would like to ask if my 4 year undergraduate degree in special education back in Greece and my 3 year volunteering in special education, will be considered in order to enter one of this postgraduate programmes?

    When I applied for the Masters degree programme in International Studies in Education, I had a bachelor's degree in translation and work experience at the education centre back in my country. In my opinion, your degree and work experience in this field makes you a perfect candidate for programmes in special education.

    I'm also sending you a link to the programme website where you can find information on course modules and entry requirements:

    Let me know in case you have any questions.

    Best, Gunay