Hello Fatma, Do you know when the course ends for MSc AI and ML (1Yr) because the university postgraduate term dates are only until the end of semester 2 in June? Best regards

When should I apply for the fall 2022 intake? And what do you think would be the ideal profile or ideal application for greatest chance of acceptance?

Hi Fatma, I'm from India and I am a prospective postgraduate student who will be applying to MSc Computer Science for the 22/23 intake. I did my undergraduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. The question I have relates to how much room the course leaves for students to work part-time. I realize this may not concern everyone but as someone who will have to to take up part time work to cover their expenses, will I have enough time to work without it hampering my course work? Even though it's ultimately subjective, any insight you can share about the course in that regard, such as how much time you would spend on your degree or course work daily/weekly would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I'm also currently an undergrad in International Relations and was wondering what made you decide to take the Computer Science conversion course? I was also wondering how would I successfully apply to this MSc course - even though I have done a module in data science and have completed modules on digital tech in global politics and cybersecurity, I am still not sure how to properly convey a professional interest in Computer Science within my application. Could you help? Many thanks.