I have finished a BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management at UCB and to be honest it was quite easy for me. I am interested in Marketing and I would like to switch to the University of Birmingham to do a Marketing postgraduate course but I am feeling a bit insecure because as I have heard that the University of Birmingham is much harder and to be honest I have lost my habit to study regularly. How many times a week did you have lectures and how many hours did you devote to studying/writing assignments? I am working parallel with my studies so for me, it is important to have more time for those activities.

Hi there!
There’s honestly no reason for you to be insecure about anything that has to do with Masters. I think that a Masters degree is quite misunderstood and I’ve been in your position too, but now, after experiencing it, I see it as totally different from what I used to! To me, a Masters wasn’t necessarily harder, but I would say it was more interesting – in a shorter period of time of course. Studying regularly would definitely be helpful, but in all honesty I didn’t study every single day either (and I don’t know many people who do!) and I’ve been fine. You do need to have some time dedicated to reading – even if it’s just scanning through books and articles – just to keep your mind busy and entertained, but doing a Masters doesn’t mean you’ll have to study 24/7 at all! I was even able to travel, go out, and meet up with friends regularly. It might be more demanding in the sense that you’ll be expected to complete coursework in greater quality and focus, but team work – which you’ll probably have quite often – will help you develop those skills needed for a Masters degree.
Timetables change all the time, so I’ll briefly give you mine but it’s not guaranteed that it’ll be the same as some modules are optional, so I approximately had 10 hours of contact time weekly (lectures, seminars, etc) and I would also say that I spent around 15-20 hours doing group work and individual studying (e.g. reading, or completing individual assignments). So that definitely gives you a lot of free time to socialise, to breath, relax, and even have a part-time job, but as the university also suggests, it would be better if your job is up to 15 hours per week.

Really hope this helps, and if you want to have a private chat feel free to contact me on IG: eleniuob
I also have a Q&A highlight on there answering some similar questions that you might find helpful.

Eleni 🙂

Hi Eleni I am thinking of applying for a Masters in Marketing and im currently in final year planning ahead for September 2020. I do enjoy uni life and hanging out with friends, so I was wondering what was it like for you? Were a lot of your friends on this course from the UK or would you say its mostly international students?

In the first couple of weeks of the course the department planned quite a few events where you could get to know your classmates. That’s where I met some of my closest friends from the course with whom I worked throughout the whole year! We even went to a ball together (was so fun!) The course is quite diverse. There are people from many different backgrounds, the majority in my course this year had Asian background. My closest friends are mainly UK students but have different ethnicities from all around the world really! Hope this helps! ☺️

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

Just look at the modules that each marketing course offers and go with the one that you find the most interesting! It’s important that you are enjoying what you are learning. Also, be open to work with other people, it’ll build up your team-working skills which are very important in Marketing!

What, for you, are the best things about the course?

I enjoyed most of the group assignments as I got to work with people I had similar interest with and I learnt a lot from other team members and I also shared a lot of my knowledge. Also I really liked the fact that in semester 2 we got to pick most of our modules!

What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

My undergraduate degree was basically of a completely different course, therefore I knew I needed to gain some more academic knowledge in Marketing if I wanted my future career to be in Marketing. Also, I didn’t feel ready to commit to a full time job last year, and I decided to go for the Masters degree to give me some more time to work on my self-development.
Hope this helps! ☺️