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Past Questions

  1. What is the best way to find accommodation in Stratford-upon-Avon? How early before starting classes should MA students plan to arrive?

    Hello, There is an unofficial Facebook group for Shakespeare Institute students, which is a good place to meet your colleagues/ prospective room mates ahead of term. Do you have a Facebook account? You’re welcome to move here as early as you like! I think most students arrive with a week or so to get settled in. It’s a very personal thing though so it depends what your current situation is. Hope you enjoy your time at the Institute!

  2. Dear Elizabeth - Many, many thanks for your friendly and detailed reply. I truly appreciate it. I hope to eventually make an application (not this year) to enrol on the MA Shakespeare and Theatre. From everything I read the Institute appears to be extremely well organised and I truly sense that it would be an incredibly rewarding educational experience. Take care and thank you, again, for your kind reply.

    Hello, You’re welcome! Feel free to get back in touch with any more questions. Hope to see you at the Shakespeare Institute soon! All best, Elizabeth

  3. Hello Elizabeth. I would like to ask you about the MA in Shakespeare & Theatre through distance learning. The website gives little information regarding assessments for each module: is assessment based on essays for each module? Some universities are assessing by "portfolio" and "project" - but I much prefer essays - as there is development of thought and writing in essay format. I am hoping that the Shakespeare Institute holds on to rigorous emphasis on writing. Please can you also tell me - what is the main delivery of lectures? Are they pre-recorded video lectures which one can access at any time? Also - if you did the MA Shakespeare & Theatre by distance learning: was it easy to get the reading material online? Was this provided by the university? Many thanks to you. I greatly appreciate your help.

    Hello! Thank you for getting in touch. I also took the Shakespeare and Theatre MA and greatly enjoyed it. Most of the modules are assessed through essays at the end of the semester, however, there are a few that have optional practical assessments in place of a written one. This is made clear when you come to choose modules. Research and writing are very much at the heart of the Institute's ethos. The main delivery of lectures is live for on-site students, either in person or online. These are recorded and made available for distance learning students. Distance learning students also have contact time in the form of online lessons and individual tutorials with lecturers, and there is a vibrant online community to support students. A lot of our students are distance learners so the Institute is extremely well-equipped to accommodate you. Distance learning students have the same access to online resources as on-site students through the University's library. All key texts for the modules are available in this format. The team at the Shakespeare Institute library are also extremely knowledgeable and can help with any enquiries you might have. I hope that helps. Do get back in touch if you have any further questions. All best, Elizabeth

  4. Hello, I am from India. I just completed my MPhil in English Literature. I wanted to apply for the Postgraduate research program at the University of Birmingham. Could you please tell me about the basic requirements and what the procedure is to apply for the PhD program? Also, what is the most efficient way to get accepted?

    Hello! Thanks for getting in touch! You will most likely have to provide a writing sample, alongside two academic references. Here are some guidelines: You should also be aware of any visa requirements you may have. For help with that, I recommend reaching out to UoB's international office: I hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to get back in touch if you have any more questions! Elizabeth

  5. Hi Elizabeth, my question is about accommodation in Stratford. I hope, pandemic permitting, to spend at least half of my part-time PhD actually in Stratford. However, I am wondering about flexi-lodging as a way of being there to carry out my studies whilst also being able to continue my family responsibilities in Surrey, Kent and Southampton. I don't know how I can manage this within a reasonable budget or whether the Shakespeare Institute helps with finding accommodation. Could you help me please? Many thanks.

    Hi! Great to hear from you and that you're hoping to come to the Institute! I have really loved my time here, and I'm sure you will too. What is your PhD topic? In terms of accommodation, the university don't offer help with finding it. There is an 'unofficial' Facebook group that new students are added to when they have been accepted and I know that people use that to find flatmates. How much time do you anticipate you'll be spending in Stratford at one time? A lot of distance learning students use AirBnb when they come here for weekend courses. There are lots of options in Stratford in terms of b&bs or hotels (unsurprisingly!). The premier inn is probably the most affordable and convenient. You could also find someone who is looking for a lodger? I did that for a while whilst I transitioned from MA to PhD. If that's of interest, I could contact the person I stayed with and ask if it's ok to pass on their details? Hope that helps and that all is well with you and your family. Looking forward to hearing from you! Elizabeth

  6. Dear Ms Jeffery, I am a student from India from a commerce background and have loved Shakespeare ever since I started reading his plays and sonnets. I now wish to join the Shakespeare and Creativity MA course after finally convincing my parents. If you could please guide me regarding the various opportunities in working in this respective field and the availability of this as well, I would like to choose this field as a career opportunity. Could you also please let me know what your thoughts are surrounding working in this field? (As you have quite a bit of experience)

    Thank you for getting in touch. Could you be a little more specific about which field of work it is that you wish to enter? The Shakespeare and Creativity MA course is great but is more suited to those wishing to pursue a creative career, be that acting, writing or designing, etc. A lot of the work undertaken is of a practical nature, so lots of acting. If this is something that you feel is suited for you, then I would encourage you to apply. If not, then there are many more courses on offer at the Shakespeare Institute that are more grounded in textual studies. The Shakespeare Institute has a great post-graduate community and working in Stratford upon Avon is the perfect location for any Shakespeare lovers. Let me know your thoughts. Best, Elizabeth