Hello, I see no reason why you can't pursue the MSc. Your chances of employment will likely increase after getting a UK qualification. I was already employed so it did not affect me in that way. The UK rail industry is very resilient and doing well at the moment so there is lots of opportunity for jobs.

Hello, I'm from Zambia and I am currently pursuing a bachelors in Mechanical and Railway Systems Engineering at my home University and I'll be finished with this programme in 2023. Can I enrol for the MSc in Railway Systems Engineering and Integration at Birmingham after this? If yes, will I have the opportunity to work full time with railway companies in the UK?

How easy or difficult is it to study RSEI?

It depends how much you know about rail already. It’s more difficult if you are new to rail but an engineering background will help.

Could you specify some jobs which are offered in UK after doing the MSc in RSEI? Could you also give me an idea of an estimate of salary packages too.

Hello, salary is much more experience dependant than qualification based. It’s hard to give you an estimate without knowing your salary but graduate positions can start from around £30k. The breadth of the railway is at your disposal after obtaining this qualification. You can go also go into most fields.