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  1. Dear Mr Atheer, I'm from Iraq and I graduated in Highway Engineering from Erbil Polytechnic University 4 years ago. I now have 4 years worth of experience in the construction sector e.g. construction building and road construction. I have now decided I wish to study in the UK using the Chevening program at the University of Birmingham and there I have some questions. I graduated from Highway Engineering but studied all Civil Engineering subjects. Can I then study the Civil Engineering course for my Masters degree? Can you give me information about how to connect between construction design and geometric design? At the University of Birmingham I didn't find a course about Highway Engineering, only a Civil Engineering course, can I study this course but focus on highway construction subjects? I'd like to study infrastructure road design linked with pavement design (connecting between pavement design and geometric design) in Civil Engineering, is this possible?

    When I finish my Master MSc degree I would like to work in road construction design (geometric design and pavement design)? I have good experience as a civil site engineer and surveying engineer as well as quality control engineer.

    Hi, as you mentioned you studied all Civil Engineering subjects, so yes you can study Civil Engineering at Birmingham. You can apply for "Road Management and Engineering Masters". This course includes Pavement Engineering and other modules related to Highways Engineering. See the link here:

  2. Hey, I am planning on doing an MSc in Construction Project Management and have done my bachelors in Civil Engineering. What is the jobs scenario like in the UK for this field? Is it a good career option for the UK?

    Hi, It is good to plan ahead as this will definitely increase your employment opportunities, and the University of Birmingham is number one on the list of UK universities most frequently targeted by the country’s top employers looking for graduate recruits.

    Please follow the below link for more information:

  3. Hello, I am a British citizen and I would like to study Civil and Structural Engineering. I have 5 GCSE: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Can I ask, what are the requirements to study Civil and Structural Engineering?

    Hi There,

    Thanks for your question. Please follow the below link for entry requirements.

  4. Is GRE or SAT certification required to apply?

    Hi There, thanks for your question. I don't think these are needed. You will need a 2:1 Honours degree in Civil Engineering or a relevant non-engineering subject; industrial experience and CEng/IEng qualifications will also be taken into account. Please follow the link below and chose your country to check the required qualification.

    Best wishes

  5. Hi there, I am from the Caribbean and I am very interested in the Civil / Highway Transportation Engineering program at the University of Birmingham. I don't have a full first degree but have an associate degree in Construction/Civil engineering. I have been employed with a consulting engineering firm for the pass 10 years and have gained a tremendous amount of experience in designing and supervision as well as working through several other countries. My CV is quite long and impressive. My Question is, am I or would I be eligible enough to enter the Postgraduate Civil program given my current credentials?

    Hi There, many thanks for your question. This depends on the country you have completed the degree from. Please follow the link below and chose your country to check the required qualification.

    Best wishes

  6. Hi, I want to do a Masters at the University of Birmingham, but I was confused over what kind of course I need to apply to since I am interested in Structural Engineering, Railway engineering and also Geotechnical engineering courses. I don't know how to choose one of these courses, what kind of course do you think will be more suitable for finding a better job in the UK now and in the future?

    Hi There, thank you very much for your question and apologies in the delay getting back to you. My advise is to check what subjects each of these modules will cover, this way you can decide which subjects are more suitable to you. Please follow the links below to check the details of each module. Best wishes

  7. Hello, I am an international graduate in Civil Engineering. I want to study an MSc in Road Management and Engineering. Please could you let me know about the funding opportunities (RA/TA) at the University of Birmingham?

    Hi There,

    Thanks for contacting me. For funding your study at the University of Birmingham please follow the link below:

    Kind regards, Atheer

  8. Is there an MSc course for Transport and Road Safety? If there is, do you know what is on the syllabus? Is it tough to study, like structural?


    Thanks for your message. Yes, there are three master courses related to the transport domain:

    Railway Safety and Control Systems. Railway Systems Engineering and Integration. Road Management and Engineering.

    For more information please use the link below.

    Kind regards, Atheer

  9. Hi, I am from Iraq and I plan to study English literature at Birmingham. Could you advise me about the best accommodation location for an Arab? I am looking for decent but affordable places. My wife and my 13 year old son will accompany me. Thanks!


    Thank you for your message. It would be best for you to contact the university's accommodation team who will be able to advise on university accommodation options and also private rentals.

    Their details are here:

    Best wishes, Tom

  10. How will your degree prepare you for what you want to do afterwards?

    The doctorate is the most noteworthy degree granted in the educated community. The PhD degree implies that I will achieve the best level of capability in my field of study. The PhD will equip me with skills for future employment or a career in academia. As I am a lecturer teacher in my home country, it is a smart thought to finish my PhD and attempt to get articles distributed in prestigious journals.

  11. What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

    My decision comes from various reasons, among which there are two main ones. First, this PhD program is extremely suitable to my ability and my interest as well as the MSc  programme I completed in Iraq. After two years of studying for the MSc, I have acquired a solid and diversified foundation of knowledge in Traffic Engineering. The second reason for my choice is the well-known reputation of the high qualified education system of the UK. Having a chance to study in the UK means I will have opportunities to approach and experience one of the best educational systems around the world.

  12. Why did you choose the University of Birmingham?

    The University of Birmingham was positioned eleventh in the UK and 64th on the planet in the QS World University Rankings for 2014-15. In 2013, Birmingham was named University of the Year 2014' in the Times Higher Education awards. In an employability overview distributed by the New York Times, where CEOs and chairmans were requested that select the top universities which they enlisted from, Birmingham put 55th on the planet. The Global Employability University Ranking directed by THES places Birmingham at 57th around the world. Birmingham is additionally positioned fourth in the UK for Graduate Prospects in The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2015.

  13. What, for you, are the best things about the course?

    The PhD degree is a specific field of study. In light of the fact that to acquire the PhD degree, I passed preparatory qualifying examination which shows my insight into the present level headed discussions, ideas and predicaments.  Having effectively finished an intricate procedure of adding to an examination proposition, making exploration arrangements, doing research in my field as well as demonstrating the finds to other specialists in the field have been very enjoyable.

  14. What has been the highlight of your time at Birmingham?

    The city is a noteworthy universal business, positioned as a beta− world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network; and a critical transport, retail, occasions and gathering centre point. Its metropolitan economy is the second biggest in the United Kingdom. Birmingham's major social organisations appreciate worldwide notorieties, and the city has lively and compelling grassroots workmanship, music, literary and culinary scenes.

  15. I will soon be at Birmingham to undertake a PhD with the Railway centre. Do you have any pieces of advice for me?


    Sorry for delay in responding to you, I was on holiday.

    I think reading some papers about you proposed PhD subject is a good start.

    In addition, please check the below link:




  16. Hi Atheer, could you tell me what the requirements are for a PhD in Civil Engineering? I would like to apply for a programme in either civil or structural engineering. Could you also tell me about the possibility of getting a conditional offer, to be able to take a language test at the university before I start my study? My TOEFL has expired. Thank you

    Hi my dear,

    In the beginning, you need a proposal which you can prepare and discuss with one of the supervisors in the Department of Civil Engineering or you can search for a course by this link ( Also you can use Find a PhD website (

    There are some general requirements to apply for a PhD in the University of Birmingham like some documents (your BSc, MSc certificates etc), you will be informed about all the requirements when you apply through this link: ( .

    You may also need a visa depending your nationality, you can use this link to check if you need a visa (

    Regarding the English language level, it depends on which course you are applying for. Please use this link to check it ( If you need, you can apply for a Presessional course in the University of Birmingham after getting an offer. Please use the link about English presessional courses (

    I hope this is of help.

  17. Hi Atheer, I am from Malaysia. I would like to apply for a PhD in Highway Materials. I am trying to to find a potential supervisor in this line of work, but most of the supervisors expertise are in transportation. Could you please help me?

    Hi, Regarding your question, you can try contacting Dr Harry Evdorides. As far as I know, his main research interests are structural evaluation of road pavements and road pavement performance modelling. You can use the link below to view his research area as well as his contact details.

    I hope this is of help and hopefully see you in Birmingham on September.

  18. Hi Atheer. What advice would you give for someone interested in a PhD in Civil Engineering at Birmingham?

    Hi, Well, it is a broad question. There are many benefits to doing a PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham. There are many research projects that you can join with highly qualified staff of supervisors. You will have the opportunity to benefit from many facilities that are provided by the University of Birmingham like the practical laboratory research and workshop facilities, the library, training sessions for many aspects related to your PhD (Thesis writing, presentation skills, End note etc). In addition, you can work as a teaching assistant via the Worklink to get experience in your domain, and this will definitely increase your chances to get a good job or promote you if you are already in one.

    So, my advice is, start applying for the PhD. Just before that, you can search the staff here to see their research area and relate this to what you interested in.

  19. Good afternoon, I'd like your insight, if possible regarding the MSc Railway System Engineering and Integration?

    Hi, Thanks for contacting me about your interest in doing an MSc at the University of Birmingham.

    Although I have little information about the subject, I strongly advise you to take this course as its a very intensive course on railways engineering (as far as I know).  The Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education has very professional academics who provide their experience to support M.Sc. and PhD students.