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Past Questions

  1. Hi, Mr. Adam Joseph-Kerr Unfortunately, I missed application deadline for scholarship. I would like to know whether application forum for scholarship will be open or not in the near future. Additionally, I want to study in September 2020. Thank you in advance


    Thank you for your email. All of our scholarships have different deadlines and requirements. You can search for those available here:

    Please note, there is no fixed deadline for applications to our courses although we recommend you apply before June and, sometimes, some scholarships require a firm offer to already be in place.

  2. I have applied for MA in International relations. You being in the same stream, could you help me understand the possible job opportunities after this? or through the campus? Topics like Environmental challenges, terrorism, women empowerment, diplomacy are of my interest.


    Thank you for your email. I would suggest contacting Dr Tsering Topgyal, who is the postgraduate lead for International Relations and will be able to advise with a bit more detail.

    His contact details are here:

    Best wishes, Tom

  3. I want to proceed for the postgraduate studies but I need scholarship to enable me, fund my study in the University . Thanks


    You can search for possible funding here:

    Best wishes, Tom

  4. Hi Adam, I am really interested in taking this Masters course. Is there anything you could tell me about it in terms of its employability factor and the respective modules that are covered? What kind of support did you receive? And is it hard to obtain a place?


    Please can you confirm the course you are interested in?

    Thanks, Tom

  5. Please i am looking forward for a scholarship to do my master's in this school. Please kindly help me out


    A full list of our available scholarships can be found here:

    Best wishes, Tom

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