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Past Questions

  1. What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

    I wanted to do postgraduate study because I felt that there were areas of interest within my subject which I wanted to explore more. I wanted the chance to specialise further and undertake another research project that would allow me to do so, and continue to benefit from the expertise of the teaching staff at the university. I also thought postgraduate study would give me the perfect opportunity to develop transferrable skills that would be invaluable from an early career perspective, as well as exploring the possibility of doing a PhD at some point in the future.

  2. What, for you, are the best things about the course?

    One of the best things about the MA Literature and Culture course is getting the chance to talk to tutors about their areas of specialisation in detail, and benefitting from their expertise in our teaching sessions. Our seminar discussions have been tailored to the group's collective interests, and as a result these sessions have given me the chance to explore ideas and themes in English Literature that I haven't had the chance to explore yet.

    I also really enjoy the community that my course offers, as we are a fairly small cohort and therefore it has a really friendly and supportive atmosphere. This helped the transition to postgraduate study feel much easier, and has led to some helpful idea and resource sharing that I didn't experience during my undergraduate degree.

    I am also really appreciating the chance to learn more, both that which is relevant to my area of specialism and things that I have never encountered before. The range of optional modules was greatly varied, so I had the chance to make a good balance between the two.

  3. What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

    I would advise anyone interested in postgraduate study in English Literature to get a clear idea about what their specific research interests are, and think about how you'd like to approach your studies. There are plenty of opportunities to specialise, but also to branch out and learn about completely new areas, so thinking about this early on will help you to make sure that the course you apply to suits your research interests best.

    I would also urge anyone that feels unsure about postgraduate study because of worries about not being good enough (I know this was an obstacle for me) that the most important thing in English Literature is having passion and enthusiasm towards research. Postgraduate study is intimidating for everyone, and the course is set up to help you navigate the transition from undergraduate level, so if you are interested in pursuing further study then go for it!