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Past Questions

  1. What was your motivation for undertaking postgraduate study?

    Pursuing a postgraduate degree gave me the chance to spend time learning and understanding the emergence of artificial intelligence in the last five years. It allowed me to polish my skills and utilize what I learn in the classroom to breakdown complex real world problems that can be solved using machine learning. A hidden benefit of postgraduate education is the opportunity it gives you to receive great mentorship and support to kickstart your career in your desired industry!

  2. What, for you, are the best things about the course?

    I have the opportunity to learn from the best group of professors in the world, with a diverse group of individuals who come from various backgrounds. Additionally the ability to customize the outline of my course with modules that are most in line with my interests is particularly important for my future goals and I have that with the course that I have chosen.

  3. What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study in your field?

    Start early - take your time with finding the perfect degree and building a strong application for it. Also, make sure you study something you love because you'll be spending a lot of time with your subject.